Naturally reared in lush New Zealand pastures, our superb grass-fed Wagyu Beef is completely free of hormones, antibiotics and growth promoters. The beef is produced for us by Firstlight Foods, a collective of small family farms across the North Island. We’re very proud to stock this superb beef at Provenance.


The Firstlight Wagyu Producer Group are pioneers. We like pioneers. They did the unthinkable and took Wagyu cattle out of their traditional pens and raised them on grass. It wasn’t easy, but the result of all their hard work is the most extraordinary, tender, marbled beef we have ever tasted.

New Zealand is renowned throughout the world for its rolling green pastures and unsurpassed farming standards. The fantastic quality of the land and the climate mean that the Wagyu cattle can roam in open paddocks and feed naturally throughout the year. We’re impressed by such high welfare standards.

What Makes Them Special

The Japanese Wagyu cattle breed is famous for its nutty-flavoured, fat-marbled beef. The animals are also – traditionally – famous for being housed in small pens called ‘feedlots’, where they are fed beer and massaged by geishas. Firstlight think this is a bit like keeping fancy battery-cage hens, so their Wagyu are free to roam in large paddocks, socialising is groups and eating grass for all of their lives – just as cattle are designed to do. Experts around the globe are describing the meat as as the best grass-fed beef in the world.

Notes from the team

Both Struan and Tom spent a week out in New Zealand visiting the First Light farmers. For Tom it was a journey home, for Struan it was a chance to return to a country he'd visited on rugby tour, and was beaten everywhere the team went.....

Butchers Tip

It's Kobe beef that's fed on beer and given massages. First Light wagyu cattle live a natural life outside. It's not as luxury, but it's as nature intended.