Newton and Pott Chutney

Newton and Pot are truly homemade chutney’s and preserves, made in a London based kitchen in Hackney. Kylee uses artisanal methods while combining interesting and fun flavours, including Tamarillo and Fejoia, world famous fruits from NZ.

Simon Wrights Catsup

Made from entirely natural ingredients, the inspiration for Catsup dates from the 1700’s and its use by Jonathan Swift. On being woken by his troublesome cat Swift is thoughts to have consoled himself with the of a good breakfast ‘ if the cats up at least its time for (some) catsup’

Rubies in the Ruble

Rubies in the Ruble source surplus fruit and vegetables from the markets before they are discarded, taking what would have been senseless waste and creating wonderful condiments by hand.

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More Charcuterie & Condiments

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