Fenton Farm Poultry is situated on the Somerset/Devon border at Holcombe Rogus. They are a third-generation family run farm specialising in poultry, but also growing wheat and barley. The farm is in the Higher Level Environment Scheme to help encourage wildlife and bio-diversity.


The poultry are in the fields surrounding the farm buildings. We strive for the highest standard of welfare of our animals and poultry and are keen to improve the environment on the farm. Amongst other initiatives, we leave uncropped wildlife margins around all of our fields to create habitats for small mammals, invertebrates and birds, We are restoring 25 acres of species-rich, semi-natural grass land, which is not treated with fertiliser or sprays and We have restored a traditional orchard, planting apple, pear and plum trees.

What Makes Them Special

All Fenton Farm eggs are free range, from hens that live in a happy environment.