Wild North Yorkshire Venison, Fallow and Red Venison and Muntjac

Wild deer are the ultimate free range animals. They have wide-ranging diets and need to be fit to survive, so the meat is lean and very low in cholesterol.


Yorkshire Game are supplied with wild Red Deer carcasses by Scottish stalking estates, mainly in the West Highlands. Yorkshire Game is now an accredited processor of SQW (?) Venison. We source Fallow carcasses from English park herds and Roe Deer from stalkers and estates in the Scottish Borders.

What makes them special

Venison is a naturally tender meat that is low in fat and cholesterol, so it’s an ideal addition to a healthy diet. Best cooked quickly over a high heat, barbecued steaks or a stir fry are great options for a tasty summer meal. During the cooler winter months, venison really shows its versatility, being ideally suited for hearty pies, roasts and casseroles.

Notes from the Team

A number of the Provenance team has been stalking for venison. When Struan was in Scotland stalking, he had to haul his kill on his back from over a mile back to the quad bikes - all the while wishing he'd missed that shot.

Butchers Tip

Try making adding dark chocolate to a venison stew to add depth of flavour and richness.