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Rose Veal Sirloin Steak


Rose veal is raised with a focus on animal welfare, ensuring the meat's quality and offering a good life for the calves. Sirloin steak also known as the New York Strip is a steakhouse classic. Cook it fast and hot to caramelise that fat while leaving the tender eye of the meat rare and juicy.

Portion: 250g per adult.

Provenance: North Yorkshire.


Want to make sure you cook your steak perfectly? You need a MEATER digital thermometer - click here for more details and to add one to your order.


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Ever fancied making your own Peppercorn Sauce? Click here to find out how, and trust us, it's so much better than a packet version.

Peppercorn Sauce Recipe


Need some mustard or chimmichurri to go with your steak? Check out our Store Cupboard for some amazing finds and some brilliant staples (there's even charcoal and coffee!).

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Firstly, we recommend taking your steak out of the fridge half an hour before cooking to allow it to settle to room temperature – this allows the meat to cook more evenly. Add oil to pan and allow it to heat up on high heat. Once your oil is sizzling place your steak into your hot frying pan and cook until desired

Rare – internal temp. 54–57°C
Medium – internal temp. 57–63°C
Well Done   internal temp. 68°C and up


Available for next day delivery nationwide, Tues-Sat, and same day delivery within London, Mon-Sat. Click here for full details, including shipping fees.

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