May Steak Club - Swami Beef & 12 Year Old British Wagyu

Firstly, let's have a look at our Swami beef. These Danish cattle have had a unique diet, consisting of two phases. The first phase is grazing on extensive lush pastures in Denmark. The second and consists of 180 days of rich nutrition including wheat and sugar beet to layer on the marbling and help create a silky smooth texture. 

Expect dark-hued meat, rich marbling and sweet grassy notes in the fats. Sounds delicious, right?

Secondly, we have the final part of the 12 Year Old British Wagyu from month ago - aged further for flavour and softness! A couple of unusual cuts from the leg that has been aged in house for over 60 days. These are a great option for curious minds and coombs wanting to try some less common wagyu cuts. Roasted or sliced as minute steaks, we already know how special this British wagyu is. All you need for a delicious feast!