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Grass Fed | Well Bred


Provenance has always been more than just a name to us. Understanding where our produce comes from, how it has lived and why it has been farmed that way are the pillars that hold our business up.
We work with and support people who farm their animals in a way that is respectful, in tune with nature and sustainable. Many of these family businesses that have done the same job for generations, refining their husbandry skills, passing their knowledge on to their children and acting as custodians for the land they work.
As butchers, we are a conduit between those farms and you; the people choosing to eat their produce. Our team of friendly butchers are here to welcome you in, share their knowledge and expertly cut what you need. They are also always happy to guide you if you’re looking for help or inspiration.
We believe our search for authenticity and integrity from the farms we work with and our commitment to sourcing low intervention, free range, pasture reared animals sets us apart from many modern day food businesses. We have fostered long lasting relationships with our farmers and have been lucky to build the same bonds with many of our customers too. 

"Much time has passed since Tom and I opened our first store in Notting Hill in 2013. We've had the great pleasure of getting to know the people that shop with us personally. We've seen couples marry (and supplied a few good weddings along the way), seen families grow and made many lasting friendships. Food brings people together, and we've been very lucky to be a part of so many food lover's lives.
Struan Robertson

Along the way we’ve had families ourselves, shared lots of laughs and eaten some great steaks! But, our original principles have not shifted. We are still here to serve our communities the same thoughtfully sourced, free range produce that we have from our inception. The food we really believe in."
Struan, Tom, Erin and Guy