More info on our packaging, delivery partners & FAQ

On this page, you can find more information about our: packaging, sustainability, delivery partners, as well as a section dedicated to troubleshooting in case you have any questions while using our services.
If you still need help, please Contact Us.



I’m having troubles using your website (I am not sure what is wrong)

Please try clearing cookies and cache in your browser and refreshing the page.

I can’t add a product to my Cart?

Some products are of limited availability, some may require additional notice for ordering and some are date restricted, in which case it will be noted in the product’s description. On a rare occasion quantities might just need adjusting on our website – please drop us an email or call us at 07514092770, we’ll be happy to confirm availability and amend your order, if need be.

It says you don’t deliver to my post code, but you did in the past?

Please ensure you're entering your post code in CAPITALS with a SPACE between the two parts of the post code, for example: NW10[space]6QN.
Please check your post code is within our UK or London post codes list. If it is or you believe it should be, please contact us and we will happily review it.

I am in my Cart page, but it does not allow me to checkout?

Please enter your post code in CAPITALS with a space between the two parts of the post code to the post checking box.
Examples: NW10[space]6QN, IG1[space]1XY, OX1[space]2BR.
Please ensure we deliver to your area by checking your post code is on our UK or London post codes list.
Click & Collect orders - please ensure your basket is £40 or above.

Date for delivery is not available on the calendar...

Cut off point for London Local same day delivery is 11:00 am and for Rest of London & UK next day delivery 12:00 pm.
We do not deliver within London Local on Sundays and not on Mondays & Sundays within Rest of London & UK.
Some products are date restricted, i.e. burger buns on the weekend, Steak Club, seasonal pr festive products.
Please check you do not have these products in your cart – information will be available in the product description.
Your chosen date might be full, as we have limited daily delivery slots.
Although we always try to extend these according to demand, some busy periods might reach capacity.
You can always contact us to double check availability – we are always happy to review it.


I am not given a Delivery Method at the checkout...

Please ensure all required shipping details are provided,
Please check your post code is correct and matches your address.

We do not have any control over the autofill feature of your Shop App or saved addresses.
It's crucial to manually verify and update your shipping details to ensure a smooth delivery process.

A warning message comes up that does not apply to my order and it does not allow me to check out?

Although we’re constantly working on improving and customising our website, at times an automated notification is generated by the platform,
content of which may not necessarily be correct. However, it means something has gone wrong and your products or information provided in the post code checker must be reviewed.
Please try to apply other troubleshooting solutions listed above or alternatively call us at 07514 092 770 (7am-3pm)

Why am I being charged a delivery fee?

Ensuring a successful and fast delivery to your door and providing safe, sustainable packaging is not cheap and whilst we would love to offer a free service for all our customers, we need to share the cost. Please refer to delivery charges outlined on our Delivery + Click&Collect info page.

You can read more about our eco Delivery Partners and sustainable packaging in the other sections of the current page.


I’m being charged higher delivery fee than expected...

Our delivery fees are subject to your post code and a delivery partner we use to fulfil your order. You can read more about our eco Delivery Partners in the sections above and our delivery charges are explained on our Delivery + Click&Collect info page.

At times, when using a discount code, your order may fall into a delivery charge threshold, after the discount has been applied.
If this is the case, please contact us and we will happily review whether we can adjust the amount we charge your order at accordingly.

Please note: we reserve the right to apply a higher than standard delivery charge regardless of the basket size, during a festive period or when delivering on Bank Holidays. This will be clearly communicated at the checkout and in the festive product collections and it doesn't affect your rights.

My payment is not being accepted...

Payment methods accepted are:
all major cards, except Diners Club;
ShopPay (excl. BNPL schemes),
ApplePay (on Apple devices).
Please ensure your billing details are correct in line with your payment method.
If all above checks out, please contact your bank.

My discount code does not work...

Please ensure you’re using the correct discount code, within its expiry date and with an email address it was sent/applied to.
Some discount codes are not valid in conjunction with other promotions or for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter orders.


I did not get my order confirmation email...

Please check your spam/junk folder of the email account used at the checkout.
If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, it's also possible there was a typo in your email address - please contact us at from an email address you were meant to use with your order, provide your name for the reference and we will find your order by your name and resend the Confirmation email to you.

I did not get an ETA notification yet!

Your order will be delivered on the day chosen by you at the checkout. It is also specified in your Order Confirmation email.

On the day of delivery, a Shipment notification email is sent upon dispatch of you order, followed by an estimated delivery time window text message containing a live tracking link. You will find detailed information on the Delivery + Click&Collect page.

Text notification is only sent if your correct UK mobile number has been provided at the checkout.

I received an ETA notification, but I will not be home at the time of delivery.

London Local deliveries via e-cargo bikes – please call us at 07514092770 or email
We will do our best to make alternative arrangements. Please note on a rare occasion, we might not be able to, due to logistical restrictions.
Rest of London & UK deliveries – please use a link provided in the Packfleet or DPD delivery notification to nominate a neighbour or specify a safe place to leave your order in. We are not able to assist with changing a Packfleet or DPD time window.

I did not receive my order on the day it was scheduled

Please check delivery date and shipping details in your order confirmation email.

Please check if your order hasn’t been received by other household member or been delivered to a neighbour or left in a safe place. In case of the latter, the courier company or Provenance would follow up with an instructions in regards to the whereabouts of your delivered order.
The last 2 eventualities would only occur if requested by customer or if the courier cannot get in touch and attempts a delivery multiple times.

In case of Rest of London & UK orders – in the first instance please check with the courier company (Packfleet or DPD) using the link in
their notifications. When this fails please contact us directly.

London Local orders – if your delivery date and address is correct, and you had no communication from us in regards to the delivery of your order,
please contact us directly quoting your Order Number.


I want to change something in my order (items, address or delivery date) or cancel it.

Once order is placed, you are unable to change it via our website, but we are more than happy to change it for you with a sufficient notice provided.
Please note orders cannot be amended after dispatch (which takes place on same day as delievry date for London local and 24 hours before delivery date for Rest of London & UK).

I cancelled my order but did not get a refund yet?

In most cases, when order is cancelled, the payment has not been captured yet, meaning it has only been authorised and it’s in your pending transactions. Hence there is no need for a refund as the money will be automatically moved back to your account by your bank.
This may be instant or it may take up to a couple working days.

My order is missing some items!

Please check the total weight of the product, at times cuts may be bigger resulting in less pieces, but overall weight being as ordered.
Please also check the quantity number on the label as sometimes multiple pieces of the same product are packed together.
Otherwise please contact us providing your order number and we will find the best possible resolution.

If you have not found an answer above, please contact us:
email or call 0751 4092 770 
Monday to Saturday 7am-3pm.


Storage & Shelf Life after purchase

We aim to provide our customer with the best quality freshest product at the longest possible shelf life, within strict Food Safety guidelines.

Our target minimum shelf life for most cuts is 4 days, some products like poultry, sausages, burgers - usually 3 days*.

Use by date is stipulated on the label of each product and is determined by
both production and packing dates.
*Please note some products might be delivered with a shorter date, subject to availability or the nature of the product.

It is very important meat and temperature sensitive products are refrigerated immediately upon delivery, ideally at the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Due to the nature of next day delivery Rest of London & UK orders products may result in 1-day shorter shelf life upon delivery.

Although Rest of London & UK orders are packed insulated and with ice packs, immediate refrigeration is imperative, as the packaging will only guarantee the correct temperature for 24h (up to maximum 48h in colder weather conditions) from the order being dispatched, which is the day prior to delivery.

Packaging in-store and for delivery

Provenance is an eco-conscious company.
We've only used paper carrier bags in our shops, since we opened in 2013.
Additionally, we’ve had biodegradable polybags designed especially for festive orders in 2023, which you can still see being utilised across our London Local catchment area for cargo bike deliveries.

We've also worked hard to source sustainable packaging for our nationwide next day delivery service and researched the best insulated packaging to keep your order at optimal temperature on its journey.

We pack meat for delivery in either:
-     compostable air sealed trays*,
-   recyclable air sealed trays*,
-   compostable vacuum bags,
- recyclable vacuum bags,
-     or butchers’ paper at request

London Local orders are delivered inside recyclable paper bags, biodegradable polybags or recyclable carton boxes, depending on the size of the shipment.

Rest of London & UK orders are delivered inside recyclable cardboard boxes lined with biodegradable wool for insulation and reusable and recyclable ice
packs, made from nontoxic materials, to ensure your delivery arrives at a safe temperature.

Products for deliveries are mostly vacuum packed for additional longevity; some may be vacuum packed inside of the compostable/recyclable trays for protection (like burgers or skewers). Fragile items (bottles, jars, snacks) are protected with recyclable corrugated sleeves with some additionally vacuum packed.

*Please note the sealing film on the trays is not compostable to enable for freezing.
**On a rare occasion we might use non-compostable non-recyclable vacuum bags due to size restrictions of our compostable ones. These are unmarked.

If you have a preference regarding packaging of the cuts in your order, you can specify it in the Special Notes box under each product before adding it to Cart.

Packaging Type Disclaimer We reserve the right to use adequate, alternative packaging options, as necessary.

Freezing of our meat products

All meat products are suitable for freezing in original packaging for maximum of 3 months.

Examples of our packaging








We deliver same (or designated) day within our London Local area with the help of electric cargo bikes partner - PediVan Sustainable Delivery.

This is a 100% sustainable, pollution-free solution to ensure quick delivery and a nuisance-free experience for your neighbourhood.

E-mail shipping notification advising that the order is en route is sent upon dispatch.

The delivery will usually take place within 2 hours from the dispatch. At busier times, this may be extended to 4 hours, but you will be advised of that.

The courier company will follow with a text message  with a live tracking link from Onfleet tracking servicewhen the driver is nearer (please make sure the correct mobile number is provided upon ordering).

We now offer two different time windows*:

MORNING DELIVERY (between 9am-12pm)
AFTERNOON DELIVERY (between 1pm-5pm)

We will assign the delivery windows ourselves, based on the volumes, order destination and capacity of our Picking & Packing Team.

*If you have a preference regarding the time of delivery, please contact us at or call 07514092770 – we will help you the best we can to assign the preferred delivery time, subject to availability.


All Rest of London orders are delivered via Packleet and their float of electric vans. It is truly a next-generation delivery provider and they pride themselves in 100% delivery success rate!

All parcels shipped with Packfleet are booked for delivery by 2pm*, however, 90% of the time you'll get the order by 12pm.

*requests for different time windows are welcome - please contact us in advance if you require earlier/later delivery, as we can offer an array of time slots to choose from.

With Packfleet, you are being updated about the progress of the delivery of your order at every stage - from the order being booked in the system by us, to the pickup of teh order from our shop, dispatch from the depot, until the last moments before the delivery is to take place!

In case of not being at home, Packfleet offers an option of nominating a neighbour or specifying a safe place via a link in the notification.

All Rest of London orders are shipped in insulated packaging - for more information about our packaging and storage see 'Packaging & Storage' section above.


All Nationwide orders (outside of M25) are delivered via DPD Local couriers and CO2 responsible delivery. You can read more about DPD going green here.

All parcels shipped with DPD are booked for delivery by 12pm Tue-Fri
and by 6pm on Saturday.

*there is a small selection of remote postcodes which are not served with a by 12pm service - you will be notified if that applies to your delivery.

Notification with an estimated delivery time (email and text, where mobile number is provided) is sent upon processing of an order from our end, followed by another one on the day of the delivery (shipping date cannot be changed at this point) with live tracking updates.
In case of not being at home, DPD offers an option of nominating a neighbour or specifying a safe place via a link in the notification.
All Nationwide orders are shipped in insulated packaging - for more information about our packaging and storage see 'Packaging & Storage' section above.

Delivery Type Disclaimer We reserve the right to use adequate third-party delivery options, as necessary. *During busy or festive times these hours may differ.


General Deliveries T&C

Contact info & opening times
0751 4092 770
Online customer service office regular opening times: Mon-Sat 7:30am
3:30pm. We are usually closed on Bank Holidays.
Please note our opening times may vary from time to time and are subject to change without notice.

Orders accepted via our website only.
Provenance Village Butcher cannot take responsibility of incorrectly placed orders, including shipping details and delivery date and instructions.
Please ensure your orders is correct before checking out.

Orders placed can only be changed under Provenance Village Butcher
discretion, no later than 48 hours prior to the delivery date.
Provenance Village Butcher reserves the right to capture order payments
in full at any point prior to order’s dispatch.
Products and prices are subject to change with no notice (you will never be charged extra if the product’s price/spec changes between you placing and receiving the order).

 Delivery T&C
Delivery times – as stipulated in the London Local and Nationwide
sections at the top of this page. Please note: We will endeavour to deliver within these times however, occasionally the delivery times may vary, subject to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.
It is customer’s responsibility to facilitate the receipt of the delivery.

In case we are unable to deliver due to no access, we will attempt to contact the customer on the telephone number provided. If no contact is made, the order will be left in one of our
shops for collection if that is possible to arrange. The customer will be notified of the location.

We will accept requests for orders to be left with a neighbour or a nominated safe place with a prior agreement. Provenance Village Butcher cannot take responsibility for these orders once delivered.

DPD and Packfleet handle the delivery of UK orders.
In case DPD/Packfleet is unable to deliver due to no access and no alternative delivery option has been chosen via link in the notification prior to delivery, order will be returned to the depot.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the shipment, DPD does not offer second delivery attempt.

Packfleet does offer a second delivery attempt on the next day, however please note we can only guarantee correct temperature of the insulated packaging for the 24hrs. After that we cannot take responsibility for incorrect products’ temperature at arrival.

Click & Collect T&C

Collection times:
Mon-Fri 2:00pm - 7:00pm
(Queen's Park & Wimbledon - 2:00pm-6:00pm)
Sun 10:00am-4:00pm.

Sunday orders must be placed by 10:00am on Saturday.

Minimum order is £40.00.
Your order will not be ready for pickup before stated above times as it is freshly prepared and transferred from our production site on the day of collection.
Uncollected orders - we will contact customer using contact details provided. If order is not collected within 2 days from the collection date, it will be discarded and no refund will be offered.

Cancellations T&C

Order cancellations must be submitted in writing via email directly to, no later than 48 hours prior to delivery date.
No other form of cancellation will be accepted.
The cancellation is only deemed as confirmed on the receipt of a respond email from the Provenance Butcher Team.
Refunds are issued under Provenance Village Butcher discretion only.
We will investigate any complaint on an individual basis and endeavour to find the most satisfactory resolution, deemed reasonable by us.

Complaints Policy

We always strive to deliver the best quality product and service however, on a rare occasion, we may fall short. Please submit any feedback or complaint via email: .

We will respond within 24 hours from the receipt of your complaint, Monday to Saturday.

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 48h from the complaint acknowledgement and no later than within a week, depending on the nature of the complaint. Please note in some rare cases we may have to conclude an investigation that requires longer than 1 week, in which instance we will keep you updated.

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome, we will provide you with details where you can escalate your complaint. Customer who feels their complaint has not been resolved after the escalated stage of this process can forward the complaint to the relevant independent ombudsman service, details of which will be provided on request.

Festive and seasonal T&C may vary. Provenance Village Butcher reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions without notice upon public posting.