January 18, 2022

Let's Talk Gut Health with Daniella Edkins

By Tom Gibson

As part of our January Wellness campaign we spoke to nutritional therapist, Daniella Edkins, to find out which of our products are best for gut health.


6 reasons why animal foods are superior for gut health

Let’s talk about GUT HEALTH.

We are constantly being told to take nutrient dense animal foods off our plate and replace them with unnatural meat substitutes. Animal foods are often blamed for chronic digestive problems but actually they are the solution for healing. My mission as a Nutritional Therapist is to teach you how to optimise your nutrition with traditional animal foods and why these ingredients support your gut health.


1. Animal foods, such as beef, lamb and chicken are an incredible source of bioavailable protein which is easily recognised and utilised by the body. Aim for variety in your diet and include a mix of both muscle meats and organ meats to balance the amino acids.


2. Animal foods, such as liver and quality dairy products are a rich source of preformed Vitamin A, which is crucial to nourish and maintain the integrity of the mucosal lining in the digestive tract.


3. Animal foods, such as beef and eggs are a rich source of B12 which aids the breakdown and utilisation of nutrients, providing us with more energy.


4. Animal foods, such as bone broth are rich in Glycine which supports the body in building a healthy gut wall lining and enhancing gastric acid secretion for optimal digestion.


5. Animal foods, such as beef liver are an abundant source of Zinc which supports the gut wall lining and is critical for proper stomach acid production. Our stomach acid is key for digestion and protecting the body against pathogens.


6. Animal foods, such as liver and seafood are a rich source of bioavailable Copper which supports a healthy nervous system, necessary for optimal digestion. Copper is also key for enzyme activation and has an antioxidant function.

It’s an important time to support our local butchers and farmers who respect the land, the animals and are producing quality products for our families.


You can make an appointment with Daniella directly via her website or via direct message on her Instagram.