May 05, 2021

Thai Beef Salad by Barry Horne

By Tom Gibson
Thai Beef Salad by Barry Horne

Ingredients: (serves 4)
750g  onlglet steak
2 heads of little gem lettuce
100g bean sprouts
½  a cucumber
Small bunch of coriander (leaves loosely torn)
Small bunch of mint (leaves loosely torn)
50g peanuts (lightly crushed)

2 limes
3tbsp fish sauce
3tbsp palm sugar
1-2 birds eye chilies – finely diced (depending on how hot you like it)

Make the dressing by adding all ingredients into a bowl and give a good mix until the sugar has dissolved.
Season the onglet well and sear on a medium high heat in a pan or on a BBQ for 2-3 mins either side or until internal temperature reaches 50 degrees C, take off and leave to rest for 5-10 mins.
Meanwhile, slice the little gem leaves roughly and add to a bowl. Peel strips the cucumber with a potato peeler and add also. Put the rest of the ingredients in; bean sprouts, peanuts, coriander and mint.
when your onglet is rested, slice into bite size pieces and add to the bowl, dress generously, toss and serve.