January 24, 2024

Bavette with pan roased sprouts, kale & chickpeas & a green chilli salsa by Barry Horne

By Online Provenance Butcher
Bavette with pan roased sprouts, kale & chickpeas & a green chilli salsa by Barry Horne

serves 4


700-800g grass-fed bavette 

400g sprouts

200g kale

½ jar Bold Bean Co. Chickpeas

250ml beef stock

50g butter

5g parsley (finely chopped)

Salt & pepper to taste

For the salsa:

1 shallot 

3 green chillies

2 cloves of garlic

1tsp dijon mustard

5g parsley

150ml olive oil

2tbsp vinegar


Start by making the salsa. You can make a large batch if you like as it will keep well in the fridge for a good few days.

Peel the shallot and garlic, halve and add to a roasting tray along with the green chillies (kept whole), put in a hot grill and cook until slightly charred, alternatively roast in an oven at 220C. 

Add the charred vegetables to a blender and add the parsley, dijon, oil and vinegar and blend until you have a smooth sauce, season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, prep the sprouts. Discard the older leaves and split them in half. Put a large pan on a medium high heat and add a little olive oil and the butter and when the butter is foaming add the sprouts, cut side down. Cook for 3-4 mins and then add the kale and then the stock and cook for 5-6 mins. Once cooked add the chickpeas and season with salt and pepper and add the chopped parsley. 

Now to cook the Bavette, you're going to want to see which way the grains are going as this is important when it comes to slicing the bavette later on. 

Season the bavette well with salt and pepper and rub over a little oil. Put a cast iron skillet or pan on a medium high heat and sear the bavette. The timing will depend on the thickness of the bavette but generally it will take 3-4 mins either side to achieve medium rare but I always use a probe to ensure complete accuracy. 

Cook it to 52 degrees C for a medium rare, you don’t want to go too much past medium as it’s better around this cuisson.

Allow the bavette to rest for at least 5 mins before slicing and like I said, look at the grains of the meat as you are going to want to slice it against the grain to ensure a softer, more tender bite every time.

Serve on a plate with a nice mound of the veg and chickpea mix and generously drizzle over the green chilli salsa.