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  • Chicken schnitzel with caper brown butter, mashed potato and fried egg by Barry Horne

    serves 2


    4 x chicken schnitzel (2 per person)

    100g unsalted butter x 100g (cubed) (if you can find half salt butter this works better)

    1tsp capers 

    1tsp chopped parsley 

    2 x eggs x 2 (eggs with a good rich yolk)

    1 lemon


    vegetable oil to fry


    To serve:

    1 portion of Provenance mashed potato

    1 jar of Drivers pickles red cabbage



    Put a large frying pan on a medium high heat and add a good amount of vegetable oil, you need to be covering the bottom of the pan in order to get a good fry on the schnitzel.

    When the oil is nice and hot ( but not smoking), take care and slowly lay the schnitzel in the pan. Cook them in batches of two at time so not to overcrowd the pan.

    Cook on each side for around 2-3 mins

    Place the cooked schnitzel on kitchen paper to drain and leave in a warm place, or an oven at 100 degrees.

    Drain off some of the oil somewhere safe, leaving a small amount in the pan and fry your eggs.

    In the meantime heat up a small saucepan on a high heat. When hot add the diced butter. It will start to melt quickly, keep an on it as you want to get to a nut brown colour, ou will smell this also. The fat solids in the butter start to burn but it gives and amazing aroma and flavour.

    When it’s at the perfect colour add the juice of  the lemon and take off the heat. Add the caper and parsley, season with a small pinch of salt and it’s ready to go.

    To serve, heat up your mash according to the instructions, and serve a good portion of potatoes on the plate. Add two crispy schnitzel, a fried egg and some of the red cabbage per plate. Give the butter sauce a good mix and spoon over the schnitzel and enjoy.


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