December 22, 2022

Chicken Bánh Mì by Barry Horne

By Online Provenance Butcher
Chicken Bánh Mì by Barry Horne
Serves 2
2 soft baguettes 
1 large carrot
½ bunch of breakfast radish
½ cucumber
200g-300g of leftover chicken breast or turkey!
200g pork pate
2 tsp chilli sauce 
10g coriander
For the pickling liquor:
100 ml rice wine vinegar
100 ml water
50g caster sugar 
2 star anise 
Start by making the pickling liquor, add all the ingredients to a small pan and warm until the sugar has dissolved.
Peel the carrot and using the peeler or a mandolin, peel it into ribbons. Do the same with the radish and place into two different bowls.
Pour the warm liquid over the carrots and the radish, leave to one side for at least an hour. ( You can do this in large batches as they will keep for a long time refrigerated )
Finely slice the cucumber and season lightly with salt. Now it’s time to build the sandwich, slice open the roll and get the pate and smear the bottom part of the bread, add the sliced chicken breast on top and then add the cucumber, pickled carrot and radish. Add some whole coriander leaves and then drizzle with your favourite chilli sauce, close it up and serve.