January 20, 2023

Provenance Brisket Sliders - Try it at home!

By Online Provenance Butcher
Provenance Brisket Sliders - Try it at home!
Hi! Thank you for meeting Tom and Struan on this freezing cold Saturday in Notting Hill! We hope you kept warm and enjoyed our brisket sliders sample so much, that you're now looking to try making them on your own!
So, here is the brisket recipe for you (make sure to adjust the quantities for the size of your brisket!)
Carrot x 3 
Onion x 3 
Celery x 1/2 head 
Tomato purée x 1tbsp
Thyme x 20g
Take the brisket and cover evenly with equal amounts of salt and pepper (I make a rub separately by measuring the salt in equal weight to the pepper). 
Roughly chop the carrots onions and celery and place in a large deep tray.
Add the beef stock and place the brisket on top.
Cook uncovered at 190 degrees C for 2 hours then cover with foil and cook at 160 degrees for 2-3 hours until internal reaches around 88 degrees C 
Take out the brisket and leave to cool, pass the liquid left in the tray through a sieve and reduce in a pan to a sticky glaze. Slice the brisket and pour the glaze on top and serve.
The meat should fall apart in your mouth and have a really rich beefy sauce covering it. 
We serve it with in house made pickled cucumbers and horseradish aioli. 
* allergens for the dish are: gluten (the bun) , celery (the sauce and brisket) egg (aioli)