July 12, 2021

Bordelaise Sauce by Barry Horne

By Tom Gibson
Bordelaise Sauce by Barry Horne

Serves 4

50g raw bone marrow finely diced
1 shallot
1 sprig of thyme
200ml of red Bordeaux wine
250ml pouch of True Foods Veal Jus
50g unsalted butter
salt & pepper to taste

Dice the butter into small cubes and keep to one side and finely dice the shallot.
Put a pan on a medium high heat and when hot add the bone marrow and cook for only one minute. Spoon out the pieces and keep to one side to add at the end.
There should be some residual fat in the pan so add a few cubes of your butter, then the diced shallots and thyme. Reduce the heat and cook the shallots until they are soft. Add the red wine and a pinch of salt and pepper and reduce it by at least half.
When reduced add in the veal jus and season again. Remove the thyme stalks and remove the sauce from the heat. Whisk in the remaining butter. This will thicken the sauce, but make sure not to put back on the heat as this will split it.
When the sauce is thick and velvety, add in the cooked bone marrow and serve immediately to a steak.