July 23, 2021

Steak Frites with Chimichurri Sauce by Barry Horne

By Tom Gibson
Steak Frites with Chimichurri Sauce by Barry Horne
Steak Frites with Chimichurri
Serves 2  
400g Onglet steak
2 large potatoes (Maris Piper)
Bottle of vegetable oil for frying
10g parsley
10g coriander
1 red chili
1 green chili
5g fresh thyme
½ shallot
2 lime (juice only)
1 clove garlic
100ml olive oil 
Cut the potatoes into small strips, as fine as you can, I used a mandolin with a julienne attachment. Soak them in cold water while your preparing everything else. For the chimichurri, finely chop the herbs and chilli and finely dice the shallot. Put all into a mixing bowl and grate in the garlic clove, squeeze in the lime juice and add the olive oil. Season generously with salt and pepper and put to one side until serving. BBQ or pan fry your onglet, they will take around 7-8 mins in total 3-4 on each side. Make sure to rest the steak for around 4-5 mins.
Get a large deep pan and add a good amount of vegetable oil to fry your shoestring fries. Make sure to drain the potatoes really well as you don’t want to put any water in the oil. Fry them for a couple of minutes or until golden brown. Season straight away when they come out of the oil. Drain on some kitchen paper. To serve, slice your onglet against the grain and fan on a plate, add a good portion of the fries and drizzle over the chimichurri over the steak.