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New to Provenance and not quite sure what to try?
Or maybe looking for an inspiration for the week's food prep? We've got you covered with our Best Sellers Box, which allows you to effortlessly add all the staples and our Customers' favourites to your basket, and for a great value!
Beef Mince 500g
Spicy Lamb Koftas x 6
Flat Iron Chicken Leg 500g
Free Range Chicken Burger x 2
Lamb Leg Greek Skewers 300g
Beef Stock (TrueFoods) x 1
Mutti Tomato Passata x 1
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Delivery and Storage

When will my order be delivered?

You will be prompted to choose the delivery date at the checkout.

London Local postcodes: you can get same day delivery Monday to Saturday if you place your order by 11am. We aim to deliver all orders by 5pm.
Rest of London & UK:
you can get next day delivery Tuesday to Saturday if you place your order by 12pm. Nationwide orders are delivered by 2pm Tue-Fri, and by 6pm on Saturdays.


Can I freeze meat from my delivery?

All meat products are suitable for home freezing in original packaging for maximum of 3 months*

If you plan to freeze your products, for best quality, freeze products immediately after purchase. All products are delivered fresh, not frozen.

To read more about storage and packaging, click here.

*unless stipulated differently on the product page or packaging

What is the shelf life of the products?

We aim to provide you with the best quality freshest product at the longest possible shelf life, within strict Food Safety guidelines.

Our target minimum shelf life for most cuts is 4 - 5 days.
Some products like poultry, sausages, burgers - usually 3 days*.

Use by date is stipulated on the label of each product and is determined by
both production and packing dates.

Products are sent fresh, not frozen.

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