June Steak Club | Bianca Valpadana x Stockyard Black Angus x Mangalitsa Pork

Let's say a few words about our three headline acts for this months' Steak Club.

Just like the bands playing Glastonbury this weekend, we've delved into our back catalogue to play you some of our greatest hits!

To start with we have the return of the Vacca Bianca Modenese - a rare and prized breed of cattle from the Modena region of Italy. We got word that some more had landed with our supplier, so we snapped it up immediately. 

Vacca Bianca Modenese beef is loved for its tender texture and rich, robust flavour. Expect to see ruby red meat with fine marbling throughout! 

 As we've said before, these animals are dual purpose with their milk used to make parmesan cheese. Why not make a little rocket and parmesan salad, dressed with some mature balsamic vinegar to keep it as Modena as possible. Grab a bottle of Lambrusco and the keys to the Ferrari to complete the set.......

Next, we have our Stockyard Black Angus Ribeye! This is bold beef, meant to be enjoyed grilled. Preferably in thick slabs. 

These pure blood Angus cattle are reared in south-east Queensland, Australia, an area famous for its abundant supply of high-quality grass, grain and water. Just like a certain rock band from down under that have another famous Angus on guitar, these ribeyes will have you Thunderstruck! 

Last, but not the least to mention is the famous Mangalitsa pork. Also know, for good reason as the Hungarian Lard Pig, Mangalitsas are prized for their flavourful meat, which has a distinctive, buttery texture and sweet nutty flavour. 

This pork packs a mouthfeel similar to wagyu or acorn fed Iberico but doesn't have the same tendency to overwhelm other flavours or textures - it's a great partner to grilled vegetables and spicy, sharp salsa. We consider it the kind of meat Iberico wants to be when it goes up - just as impressively punchy to start, but a little more restrained and complex on the palette.