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Bold Beans - Selection | jar 660g


They are back! Produced by the Bold Bean Co. Additives and preservatives free, just the highest quality heirloom beans, water and a pinch of salt.

Organic White Beans. These haricot beans are delicious, naturally packed with protein, and best of all – grown organically. Show off your creative side in the kitchen – mash them up, stew them up, or just enjoy straight from the jar!
Cooking tip: The Bold Bean Co team love stewing these with miso butter and loading them up with kimchi, an egg and chilli oil.
Queen Chickpeas - a delicious and unique chickpea packed with flavour. These creamy and tender chickpeas are specially selected for their thin skins and giant, plump size.
These are the Garbanzo Gordo variety of chickpeas. They have thinner skin and are far creamier than canned or tinned chickpeas.
Get ready for Bold Bean Co's Organic Chickpeas. They are carefully selected and are full of flavour and nutrition, making them ideal for even the healthiest eaters. With their thin, nutty skins and tender creaminess, you won’t be able to resist.
Queen Butter Beans- a delicious and unique butter bean packed with flavour. These creamy and juicy beans have earned the title of the “creme de la creme" of the bean world. Perfect for vegans, cooking enthusiasts, and the health-conscious.

ALLERGENS: sulphites


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