April Steak Club | 12 Year Old Full Blood British Wagyu

This month's steak club is just a bit special! As you know, we often present our devoted members rare finds from all over the world, and this month is no exception.

Into this month's mixing pot go the superb marbling tendencies of Japanese wagyu, beautiful British grass, and the magic we find when breeding cows are allowed to retire, relax and get fat. These three pillars of great flavour combine in this month's steak club, which is a side of 12 year old retired wagyu breeding cow.

Adam will be expertly breaking the side down, offering as many steak cuts as we can, but also a few braising, roasting and smoking joints. Plus plenty of melt in the mouth burgers too, obviously.

We were lucky enough to have a taste of some of this beef earlier in March, and what really shone through for us was the flavour in the fat - grassy, fresh and sweet. This really is a corker - cows like this are few and far between, so grab a selection and definitely freeze a few burgers for when the good weather finally shows up!

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