September 15, 2022

Middle Eastern Lamb Cutlets with Tomato & Onion Salad by Barry Horne

By Online Provenance Butcher
Middle Eastern Lamb Cutlets with Tomato & Onion Salad by Barry Horne

serves 2


8-10 free-range lamb cutlets (depending on how big an eater you are)

2 cloves of garlic (purée)

1tbsp tomato purée 

2 large beef tomatoes

1 red onion

3 sprigs of mint leaves 

Juice of ½ a lemon


Pinch of cumin 

Pinch of smoked paprika 

Lebanese 7 spice mix:

1tsp Ground Cumin 

1tsp Ground Coriander

1tsp Ground Cinnamon 

1tsp Ground Nutmeg 

1tsp Ground Clove 

1tsp Ground Black Pepper

1tsp Ground All Spice 


Make the Lebanese spice mix first, simply mix all ingredients together and add 2tsp of salt to the mixture also. You can make this in large batches and it will keep in an airtight container. 

In a mixing bowl, add the lamb cutlets, the tomato purée and garlic and cover the cutlets in the mixture then liberally sprinkle on the seven spice mix until the cutlets are well coated and leave to one side. You can also marinade this in advance if you like but it’s perfectly fine to cook at this stage also. 

Make the tomato salad by slicing the tomato into thick slices and adding to a bowl, finely slice the red onion and add. Chop the mint and add and then season the whole salad with salt, a pinch of cumin and a pinch of smoked paprika and a nice squeeze of lemon juice. 

Cook the cutlets either on the BBQ or in a pan. 

Heat a pan on a medium high heat and add a small amount of oil. Add the cutlets but don’t overcrowd the pan as you won’t get nice colour on the cutlets. 

Cook on one side for 2-3 mins, turn and cook for another 2 mins then leave to rest for 5 mins. 

Serve all together on a board with your tomato and onion salad.